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Private Events Both Coco Pazzo and Coco Pazzo Café's Tuscan Italian menus are updated frequently and incorporate the freshest ingredients available. Our chefs offer seasonal dishes based on what they find at the market each day. Each meal is handcrafted and reflects each chef’s interpretation of traditional Italian dishes.

Coco Pazzo offers traditional and contemporary dishes that feature seasonal ingredients, and are made with traditional techniques that require time and care. Many entrées, pizzas, and vegetables are cooked in our wood-burning oven. And our pastas, focaccia, breadsticks, sauces, and ragùs are handcrafted and house-made daily.

Coco Pazzo Café offers traditional dishes such as house-made pasta, panini, bruschetta, seafood, braised and grilled meats, and salads in a more casual setting. During the summer, enjoy your meal on our large alfresco patio.

Both restaurants offer an extensive collection of Italian wines by the bottle and by the glass. All of our servers receive an extensive wine education that allows them to capably assist in wine pairings. We also offer premium liquors and cocktails, from Bellinis to martinis.

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